Fortune 1000 Company

A Fortune 1000 company approached 3P (Three Pillar) with the following dilemma looking for a solution. They were looking for a large volume (30+ positions continually) of top 10% finance and accounting (staff to Director level) talent to be hired into undesirable locations across the U.S.

Previously, they had internal efforts produce success and other firms (contingent) less so, but neither collectively to meet the demand of their growing financial team.

Our solution was to provide a “dedicated service”, a blend of retained/contingent to give the appropriate focus and time required to appropriately fill the positions. In subsequent meetings we tailored a search process around several key challenges. First, their hiring process was too long. Second, their interview process, as described, was screening out top candidates that other companies would hire. Third, how to best deal with the undesirable location challenge that wasn’t going to change.

Our partnered solution first increased hiring speed by 25%. Given they were they looking for a similar profile of candidate across varying levels of experience in multiple locations at various points in time. We led the client to interview all highly qualified candidates to form a prequalified/pre-closed pool regardless of present opening. So, while filling this month’s roles/next month’s roles, we were 25% down the path to filling the future quarter’s roles with the hardest 25% complete – initial interest on both sides after speaking to one another!

Second, the client employed a challenging behavioral interview process that a good portion of the candidates either had not experienced before or did not take the preparation time necessary to be successful at. Our highly trained staff spent an extra ordinary amount of time to prepare and practice this style of interviewing with the candidates. This ensured the true quality of candidate showed as some of the best accountants are certainly not the best interviewers.

Last, regarding undesirable location – the client had an exemplary career path, great benefits and other perks that we were able to articulate to prospective candidates such that location of job was put in a proper perspective with evaluating the pros/cons of a job change.

The results – a fantastic partnership ensued resulting in 40 hires over a 2 year span. We look forward to discussing your situation/your hiring needs and develop a solution that is unique to you!