Foreign $100M+ Manufacturing Company

A Foreign $100M+ manufacturing company approached 3P with a mission-critical search. They were looking to hire key Manufacturing operational and leadership positions in the U.S. to strengthen their place in a niche market.

The company reached out to 3P first as they had dealt with our management team in the past.

Our solution was to provide a “retained search” discounted for multiple positions. Further, our contract services arm provided “Employer of Record” (payroll+) services for the initial hires to ease the onboarding process. We tailored our search process around two main components given client requirements. First, their industry was very niche and the pool of candidates very small. Second, their startup/entrepreneurial mentality required a specific type of person to see the big picture and have the patience and fortitude to achieve the goals before them.

Our process required speaking to all type of people around a specific niche industry while employing candidate focused marketing dollars at our expense to garner an extended reach to vet qualified candidates. Although smart work was employed – the hard work of talking to everyone in the niche cannot be underestimated!

The results – we completed the search requests within 2 months and onboarded initial hires via our employer of record contract services subservice.